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Introduction to Cloud Service (Nextcloud / ownCloud)

With Zaclys Cloud service, enjoy a cloud hosted in France and access your data from anywhere from the web, your computer, your smartphone, your tablet.

Classic cloud server offer Dedicated cloud server offer Dedicated mini-cloud server offer

To enjoy your cloud with ease:

  • 1 GB: free
  • 5 GB: 5 € / year included in your membership Silver
  • 10 GB: 10 € / year included in your membership Gold
  • Then add 1 € / 1 GB / 1 year (per 5 GB)
  • from 100 GB degressive cost (20% free space): 100 GB / 80 € / year and so on

    monthly payment possible, contact us
  • NextCloud last version (option app crypt possible)
  • collaborative work: OnlyOffice option + 15 € / year learn more
  • Daily backups
  • SSL level A +

1. To open your cloud account , simply
create an account
then Activate your cloud

2. rejoindre Nextcloud

Ps: for former members ownCloud users you can also join the OwnCloud server

And for more information, see the explanations below ...

For Manage your own community Users on a dedicated server for your use:
  • Unlimited number of users and groups(You have an administrator account to manage your user accounts directly on nextcloud)
  • Accessible on your own domain name (
  • 6 vcores, 4 GB, server Dedicated , Managed and scalable
  • 100 GB (expandable) on discs triplets (3 HD mirrored)
  • 250 GB of storage for backups (automated backup daily ) included
  • 30 € / month or360 €300 € for 1 year
  • SSL certificate + ip address included
  • NextCloud or ownCloud to choose + php 7 last version
  • App "encryption" possible
  • Membership in the association offered
  • online collaborative edition on request onlyOffice app free (shared limit of 20 users), or OnlyOffice pro (+ 15 € / user / year)
  • To learn more, test and subscribe,

For Manage your own community Users on a dedicated server for your use:

  • Unlimited number of users and groups(idem)
  • Accessible on your own domain name (
  • 2 vcores, 1GB server dedicated , Managed hosting and scalable
  • 50GB (expandable) on discs triplets (3 HD mirrored)
  • 100 GB of storage for backups (weekly automated backup) included
  • € 20 / month or€ 240€ 220 for 1 year
  • SSL certificate + ip address included
  • NextCloud or ownCloud + php 7 latest version
  • To learn more, test and subscribe,
New dedicated cloud and mail server packages

Coming soon

A dedicated cloud server and mail server with a single secure web interface to manage everything

To find out more   click here



Actus classic cloud server (click here)

May 2018: OnlyOffice has arrived on our server nextcloud. learn more

To talk about it :

The mother zaclys is referenced OwnCloud Service Provider official:

and Nextcloud Service Provider Official:


To know more :

  1. The cloud, what's the point?
  2. The cloud, how does it work?
  3. How do I open an account and know my credentials?
  4. The cloud looks good, but how do I use it?
  5. Need your own server?



1. The cloud, what's the point?

Have the cloud service you can for example:

  • Keep and save Your important files by depositing them from your Internet browser: just connect to the web interface and drag them on your browser ...
  • Access your files from anywhere With a simple web browser: drop a document from your home and access it later from another computer, a web browser is enough! Do the same with your contacts, calendars, etc.
  • Share your files with confidence : You can share with a friend or friends a file, a folder, a calendar ... in a few clicks!
  • collaborative : your friends can also work with you, consult and / or modify your files deposited on your cloud space from home, if you give them the right. You can send them a link by email to join your shared folder, view and deposit documents
  • Office online : You can even edit your documents (word, text, html, etc.) directly from an internet browser (this requires for you and your guests to open an account with Zaclys)
  • But You can also sync Your documents, images, music, calendars, contacts and bookmarks between all your devices ... (requires the installation of a synchronization program on your computer). You remain in control of the tool: you can, for example, only synchronize a folder on your computer: place a file in this folder and it will be copied automatically to your cloud space at Zaclys. Connect to the web cloud interface from a friend: you find this file. Modify it from home, when you go home it will be automatically updated on your computer!


The cloud is mainly used to have access to its data from several places or machines (fixed PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, PC), this is called a synchronization (and not remote access, we will see this Nuance later). The two main types of data that are required to synchronize are:

  • The media: photos, videos, music, various documents (text, spreadsheet, PDF, ...)
  • Personal data: calendars, contacts, bookmarks, or tasks.


As an illustration of this, let us take several examples showing the use of the cloud:

  • I created a "work" calendar on my desktop PC. I find this calendar on my smartphone. I then created a "family" diary on the smartphone, I also find it on the PC in the office.
  • I added a contact in my address book on my tablet, it also added on my laptop.
  • I found a nice cooking recipe while browsing the desktop PC. I put the page in my favorites, and I find it on my netbook that I left in the kitchen.
  • While flipping through a photo album, I find a nice one that I want to show to mamy. I put it in the directory "mamy", and she can see it right away from her PC.
  • I'm in a cyber cafe. Securely and without leaving the web browser, I have access to my desktop documents.
  • From my tablet, I add in the task "shopping", the provisions that I must buy. I find this list on my smartphone when I'm at the store.


These are just a few examples. In short, you are free of the limits of a single device, to access important data from your PC / tablet / smatrphone and from anywhere (home, friends, cyber cafe ... ).



2. The cloud, how does it work?

The fundamental notion of the cloud is synchronization, which is different from remote access.

With remote access, your data is on a main PC (in the case of a local network) or on a server (in the case of data accessible from anywhere). In this case, the data is in one place, and accessed (and operated) at a distance.

Examples of remote access: network drive, webdav reader, intranet, internet.

With a synchronization, your data is on all your devices synchronized and on a server, the latter allowing synchronization, sending the data so that they copy on each of your devices.

In this case, your data is in several places, and you access and work on it locally.

In either case, you have access to your data from anywhere. But the benefits of the cloud are:

  • We work locally, so everything is faster.
  • As data is stored in multiple locations, security is enhanced in the event of a hardware problem.


3. How do I open an account and know my credentials?

If not done, create your account on our site, You can choose whether or not to join the association. The capacity of your Cloud is 1G for non-members, 5G for "Silver" accounts, and 10G for "Gold" accounts, thereafter you can add additional space if needed.

To activate and set up your cloud account, know your login credentials or to add extra space, log on to our main site and go to the " My profile "(At the top right of this page), then on the Cloud tab, and let yourself be guided ...

Note: it is recommended to use a different password for your cloud account (it's always better for security reasons).



4. The cloud looks good, but how do I use it?

To do things in a methodical way, let's take the different elements of the cloud to explain how to use it in the simplest way possible.




A problem, a question, or just want to discuss it? Do not hesitate to express yourself in the Cloud heading of our forum !



5. Need your own Cloud server?

The classic cloud offer is not enough? You need to manage your own user community and be able to administer your ownCloud or Nextcloud server? You can have a cleanCloud or Nextcloud server ready to use at mother Zaclys (SSL certificate and fixed IP included) with a commitment of 3 months minimum.

Mother Zaclys wants to promote the use of free software and alternative services hosted in France, so with this offer you can discover and use this solution at a lower cost, whether you are a club, an association, a school Or even a business!

Managed Hosting We are dealing with updates, monitoring and backups.

Evolutionary : If necessary we can add resources (memory, cpu, disk space ...) in a few seconds without interruption of service (cf "know +" below)

Dedicated : The linux server that hosts your ownCloud or Nextcloud instance is dedicated only to your use, you are alone on it, with cpu ram resources and disk space very comfortable ... and scalable.
You do and install what you want on your ownCloud or Nextcloud:
You are an unrestricted director. We do the rest.

Test it : You can test ownCloud or Nextcloud dedicated to mother Zaclys with the demo administrator account (username / password: admin / admin) by following these links: 

PS: Demo servers are reset every night!

feedback : Some experience feedback on our forum:

Example of use for an association or a small company with employees in teleworking or on the move:,p167,455


Subscribe : To subscribe to the dedicated cloud server offer, you only have to make a donation to the association of 30 € per month with a commitment of 3 months minimum or360 €300 € for 1 year.
And to subscribe to the MINI offers dedicated cloud server, you simply make a donation to the association of € 20 per month with a minimum of 3 months or€ 240€ 220 for 1 year.

Establishment of a receipt on request, possibility of monthly transfer: contact us.

- At the validation of the order, we send you an e-mail to ask you the choice of the name of your server
- Since May 2017, it only takes a few hours to deliver your dedicated server

For administrations:
1. We send you a quote with our bank for an annual procedure. This requires give us the billing information to be included in this estimate.
2. You send us back your signed order (by email if possible to save time)
3. We set up your dedicated server, we deliver you the access codes and the invoice
4. You can trigger settlement

Subscribe to nextCloud Dedicated Server

Subscribe to the nextCloud Dedicated Mini Server offer


For more information (technical details)

Technical details :
  • RAM: 4GB expandable Dedicated, quarter on dedicated mini
  • CPU: 8 vcores extensible 3GHz on dedicated, quarter on dedicated mini
  • HD: 100 GB Expandable Disk triplets + 250GB reserved for backups (automated), half dedicated to mini
  • 1 ip address v4 public (you can use your domain name on it or we lend you an address in!)
  • Official ssl certificate included
  • nextcloud latest version (or owncloud latest version)
  • Mysql database
  • linux centos7
  • daily backups (weekly for dedicated minis)
  • Server entirely dedicated to your instance (you can activate the app of your choice, drop files of several Go etc)
  • Installed and managed by us, ready to use, scalable

Price: € 30 per month with a minimum of 3 months or€ 360€ 300 for 1 year for a dedicated,

Payable in advance by paypal, check or transfer.

Received on request.Possibility to pay by monthly transfer: contact us.

Possibility quotation / order / invoice for communities.

Options / developments SERVICE WITHOUT BREAKING:

  • 2GB RAM +: + € 5 / month or + € 50 / year
  • 2 CPU Vcore: + € 5 / month or + € 50 / year
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PS: for those options / custom developments, thank you contact us before making the payment to the active Zaclys mother the right options


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